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gore_gore_grrrl's Journal

20 October
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I love to to draw, paint, make jewelry and watch oodles of movies. I enjoy jasmine tea and cat fancy. I'm drawn to nostalgia and antiquity. My user name doesn't really fit me anymore, I still love horror but no more than any other genre.

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45s, 60s girl groups, 78's, 80's cartoons, akira kurosawa, alejandro jodorowsky, alfred hitchcock, ancient technology, antiquities, art deco, austin pendleton, b-movies, bob ross, british new wave, cactus flower, carousels, chantal goya, charles mingus, chinese food, cibo matto, classic film, coffee, collage, crafting, crime jazz, criterions, cult films, cute girl bands, czech new wave, depression glass, dr. mabuse, drawing, etsy, f for fake, fabio frizzi, fantagraphics, fibonaccis, film noir, forbidden zone, france gall, frank zappa, free jazz, french new wave, german expressionism, giallo, godzilla, gomer pyle, gong, h.p. lovecraft, hausu, hey dude, horror hosts, ikiru, illustration, inazuman, indian food, invisible man, jacques brel, jacques tati, jan svankmajer, jewlery making, jigoku, joe meek, john waters, journaling, jules dassin, kaiju, kawaii, kenneth anger, lee marvin, lisa frank, liz taylor, magicians, martin denny, matt helm, miles davis, mirrormask, mixed media, monsters, mothra, mr. hulot, mr. majestyk, mr. moto, mulatu astatke, muppet babies, nikola tesla, nilbog, non credo, nostalgia, ornette coleman, os mutantes, otto preminger, owls, painting, pastels, peach girl, pee wee herman, peter lorre, pippi longstocking, pizzicato 5, powell and pressburger, prismacolor pencils, prog jazz, propaganda films, rare movies, raymond scott, records, return to forever, richard widmark, rififi, rio bravo, roland kirk, russ meyer, sailor moon, scott walker, serge gainsbourg, skidoo, smelling old records, something weird video, spike jones, steampunk jewelry, stelvio cipriani, sushi, tcm, toshiro mifune, trading movies, unicorns, universal horror, van dyke parks, vhs, vintage bollywood, vintage japan, vintage sanrio, water colors, wings of desire, wizards, yellow magic orchestra, yma sumac, zardoz, zotz