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18 April 2010 @ 03:09 am
I'm feeling pretty good tonight so I decided to postpone this long, intense vent I've been working on for the past few days. It involves that antagonistic asshole whose book I was going to illustrate. If you've been semi following along with that rest assure you'll get to read all of the douchebaggery this loser put me and Arthur through...later.

Tonight, I feel great, so I'd rather just focus on that. I have a slight headache and my sciatic nerve is flaring up, but somehow I just feel great! Probably because I got a lot accomplished tonight. I've been working on the bedroom on and off for weeks. I had to clean it first, and getting rid of all of those clothes was a HUGE step in the right direction. Katie sold me her gorgeous off-white vintage dresser for $30. I've always thought Katie was the best at decorating a bedroom. Like me, she has a good eye for antiques and vintage this n' thats but she's a little more glamorous than me so she always manages to tie it all together in a pretty way. Where as my style is usually just mis-matchy and awkward. At least I used to have a style. Ever since I've been living with Arthur I've found it more difficult to pull it together as far as bedroom decor goes. Not sure why exactly, probably just being around a boy 24/7.

Anyways, what I'm getting at is, Katie giving/selling me all of this great stuff has sort of re-inspired me to make the bedroom my own again. I'm TOTALLY girlifying it! In my own way of course. We have our vintage movie posters and my paintings all over the rest of the house, I want my bedroom to be my sanctity the way it used to be. The way it was when I lived with parents or roommates. There's a big difference between sharing an apartment with a spouse or lover and ...other people. When you're a couple you share just about everything. I think this compromise has clouded my way of viewing the basic domestic environment. It's a comfort thing I suppose. Like how they say people gain weight when they're in a comfortable relationship? Well I think I partially lost my interest in decorating! But what it really boils down to is, Arthur, and probably most men I assume, don't really care about how the house looks. Sure, they like it to be clean enough and they like their posters or in Art's case his records (and record covers) and I know a lot of men who are much more neat than I am but I think over all there's an indifference that women don't normally have. Disorder tends to irk women more than men. I may be disorderly but I've always had a tendency to "nest".

So this time I'm trying to give this room a vague theme. I'm picturing the dressing room of a 1940's Japanese starlet with tinges of a 1960's Jayne Mansfield. It's all totally in my head of course, I only have so much to work with but I'm pretty happy with the results so far. It's not Pink Palace, but it'll do quite nicely until the move.


Arthur's birthday is coming up in a few days. We're going to try and keep a low profile. Last year there was just WAY too much excitement. We're thinking about a normal day about town. We'll hit all of his favorite thrifts and antiques, I'll spring for everything, then out to my Grandparent's to watch Lost. I still need to get him at least one more gift. I was thinking about getting him a season of Home Movies. He talks about it a lot and I haven't really watched it in years either si that would be a nice treat for both of us :-P

These are currently in rotation on my record player...


I bought this record years ago for it's cover. I found it at a record store in a booth with only a few others that all looked really boring. A lot of sub-par waltzy classical stuff...and then I noticed this. The cover was just so incredibly cool that I knew it must be worth the $3. When I brought it home I'm not sure what I had expected, but I remember being unimpressed. So I chocked it up to a 'record bought for awesome cover' and mixed it in with my other stuff. Later on I revisited it and it struck me in a completely different way. Maybe because I'd grown more of an appreciation for classical, jazz and even disco/funk...which it seemed to combine elements of all of those. I still sort of forgot about it for a while and came across it again today and I realized it's totally fucking brilliant and made for some seriously kick ass bedroom decorating tunes.


I am so new to Passport! Where the hell has this band been all of my life?? It's like all of my favorite prog jazz groups rolled into one. Take a little bit of Return to Forever, add some Herbie Hancock, Mahavishnu and Weather Report...and give it a German flair, and you've got Passport. Strangely enough, the composer, Klaus Dollinger wrote a lot of German commercial music in the 60's which made it to this compilation called Pop Shopping, which I HIGHLY recommend to fans of 60's library music and lounge. I obsessed over that cd and it's sequel for several years and now I discover his participation in a progressive jazz group's album that I just happened to salvage amidst the Glen Campbell, 80's gay techno and 101 Strings crap that was going to be tossed out in my friend's stuff.


this album is avant garde as FUCK! It just got weirder and weirder as it played on. Starting out kind of mellow and ethereal 70's electronic classical. Isao Tomita is a Japanese experimental composer, this album is his rendition of Gustav Holst's "the Planets". It had tinges of Ligeti, but also reminded me somewhat of David Shire's score for Short Circuit, ha! Lots of fun elements here! This was also amongst stuff my friend's were getting rid of. So double YAY for me!!

ugh...I'm mondo tired now. I hope I can finish the room tomorrow so I can start enjoying it! I plan on taking picture too, so whenever that happens, I'll be sure to post em'!
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