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10 May 2010 @ 02:01 pm
Everything That Rises Must Converge  
Mother's Day really wear's my ass out. It went pretty well this year, but still draining. We dog/cat sat at my Mom's this weekend, we had to be up at 6am every morning to drive Arthur into town for work. I kept thinking I'd be able to catch up on sleep but I really never did. I had a lot of movie orders to fill last night and caught a second wind to do it after Mom left. Then I remembered that I was supposed to come over here to Mamaw's to clean today. Shit, another sleepless morning.I'm on my third cup of coffee so I'm hanging in there.

I haven't been here much lately. I've been writing in my hand written journal lately. Which is more satisfying in a lot of ways. I've been bird watching. Today I saw a Mourning Dove and two Common Grackles. There are a couple of Blue Jays that have been frequenting my backyard. One's huge, the biggest Blue Jay I've ever seen. His wingspan must be 17 or 18 inches, and he's rotund and healthy looking with bright markings and a prominent crest. The other is smaller, slender and quite lovely. She must be his wife. They both seem to notice me through the window. They look curiously and cock their heads, I like that. It's a nice pleasant hobby that I should enjoy with my remaing months in Florida.

I've been reading a lot lately and watching Russian fairy tales. I've sold about 10 pieces of jewelery in the past week and a half. I've been dealing with a new trader and have recently gotten some rare movies I've been pining over for years. I have a new shipment coming in this week! My favorite food lately has been Plum Tree Crispy Orange Beef from China Wok. I've been craving it about once a week. I am SO pmsing...arf. I'm almost finished with the Louise Brooks painting for Mr. Wallace. It's definitely the most challenging painting I've ever done.

I think I'm going to watch this tonight...

Current Music: the Specials - International Jet Set